The list of profits from obtaining a golden visa is endless. Most people might consider taxation profits the main benefit that comes from investment programs, yet there are several more qualities that come with them including healthcare, studies and education, a better quality of life and professional growth. Read below 8 of the most popular reasons why one should take under serious consideration the possibility of investing in such programs.

  1. Considerable Return on Investment

The driving force behind an investor’s decision might be the profit from investment. Most countries offer real estate investment programs, which have a dual benefit. Firstly, this is the route to gaining residency or citizenship. In these cases, the investor primarily and his family afterwards gain a 5-year residence permit for the minimum amount of 500.000€ (depending on a country’s requirements).

In fact, should an investor live for 7 years in a country, such as Greece, he is then eligible to apply for citizenship and passport. Secondly, investments in the real estate industry are considered to be highly profitable in the long term. Whether one buys property or leases hotel accommodation or tourist residences, one ensures a standard passive income.

  • Golden Visa Greece: Double Taxation Treaty

In some EU countries, such as Greece, by obtaining a Golden Visa Greece, one enjoys the benefits of the double taxation treaty. Depending on the country of an investor’s origin and the time he spends in Greece, his international income might not be subject to taxation in Greece. This means that one can maintain financial activities abroad and enjoy tax benefits at the same time. What an investor should bear in mind, is that there is a different tax regime for different expat segments, such as digital nomads, retirees, and investors. In any case, it is highly recommended that one should first discuss all options with a trusted law firm.

  • Easy travel within Schengen area countries

Once the golden visa is obtained you and your family are able to live in the country where you applied for the visa, and travel across Schengen area countries without visa. After the golden visa is issued you may even travel directly from the country of origin to any of the European countries- members of the Schengen zone. This way a golden visa holder is enabled to access all 26 countries for a maximum period of 90 days.

  • Safety in an ever-changing world

 If there is one strong driving force that urges investors to research how to get golden visa, it is the need for stability in social, financial, and geopolitical terms. Investors seek a safe and stable environment to live and safeguard their capital. European countries form a safe financial space for investors. Additionally, turbulence and political instability are driving people to move from one country to another. EU member states offer this much wanted political stability.

  • Educational advantages for children

As soon as an investors’ golden visa is issued, he is able to apply for his family members too, if they are under 18, not married and dependent members. But even if one’s children do not hold a golden visa, they do have access to all educational institutions, private or public.

  • Enjoy the European sun, history, and sea

Europe is also known as the Old Continent, which implies the continent’s rich history and cultural route throughout the centuries. Whether one is for historical sightseeing, cultural activities, or swimming on the sun-drenched beaches of southern Europe, a golden visa is the ticket for numerous joyful activities.

In some countries, such as Greece, a golden visa processing time lasts up to six months. When it comes to Golden Visa Greece requirements following should be met:

  1. Non- EU/EEA citizen
  2. 18 years old at least
  3. No criminal record
  4. Medical insurance for the investor and his family
  5. Be of a good character

As with every decision in one’s life one should weigh up all available options. There is no investment program better than another. It’s more about what suits best one’s lifestyle, and investment choices. In any case one should first request consult from a trusted law firm with expertise in golden visa law, so he can make the best choice.